Hold Space for Yourself

You would never berate your child or loved one for a small mistake.

So why is it so easy to criticize ourselves when we make the same kinds of mistakes?


It goes without saying that the relationships in our lives play a major role in our happiness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, we often overlook the relationship we have with ourselves.

What is your relationship with yourself like?

Just like relationships with friends and family, you can treat yourself with compassion, with criticism, and in ways that cultivate happiness or that bring stress. 

In our day-to-day lives, we can all do a little bit better with regards to holding space for ourselves and making sure that our own needs are addressed.

We’ve put together our favorite articles about building a positive, enriching relationship with yourself. Have a look at our six helpful resources for improving your relationship with yourself.

1. Have Some Self-Compassion

Discover five techniques for being kind to yourself, from setting boundaries on your own internal thoughts to sending love and kindness through a practice known as “metta”.


2. Nature Deficit Disorder/Breathing Into Nature


Learn why connecting with nature is important for your own well-being. Then, see how you can cultivate your relationship with nature in order to have a better relationship with yourself.



3. How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative

Here’s what the science says about nature’s impact on your inner wellbeing.


4. 12 Keys To A Great Self-Relationship, Starting Now

A great explanation of how building a relationship with yourself should go beyond “self-care” and what that means on a practical level.


5. 4 Common Types of Self-Talk

Learn to understand how you talk to yourself, and what effect that is having on your mental health.


6. How to Recognize Your Inner Critic

Understand the damage self-criticizing inner dialogs can have, and how to halt them in their tracks.


Each day is a new opportunity to be kinder to ourselves. This foundation of a positive self-relationship can then set us up to be kinder to those around us.


What are your favorite techniques for cultivating a positive relationship with yourself?


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